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Memorieslab is an acclaimed creative company that offers photography, print production, and art retail solutions for global premium-level consumers. From boxes of beautiful prints, stunning monochrome albums, to museum grade fine art prints. By applying hand-perfected classic techniques, Memorieslab is dedicated to the exploration of the best photographic preservation.


Shanghai, China


Package Design


The objective of this project was to develop packaging for Memorieslab’s Home Fragrance line that is based on the pillars of photography – Space, Time and Light.


We developed three different packages motivated by the three pillars of photography for the home fragrances that carry the same names.

For the first scent that draws an olfactive image of void and depth, named ‘Space,’ we utilized brushed black aluminum for the container and a black marble cap.

For the second, named ‘Time,’ we used light gray wood and natural stone cap, to communicate the nature of time.

And for the third, named ‘Light,’ to resonate the warming glow of the light, we chose an amber glass bottle with a copper cap.

The home fragrance sticks are represented in a separate packaging covered with a distinct brand print pattern.

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