Shumi is a visionary wellness brand, born from the pristine wilderness of Finland. At the heart of Shumi’s ethos lies the integration of ancient natural wisdom and modern scientific precision, dedicated to unlocking the transformative power of functional mushrooms.

Using state-of-the-art ultrasonic extraction techniques, Shumi creates high-purity, high-potency extracts that offer a refined approach to holistic wellbeing. Each product embodies the harmony between nature’s gifts and scientific innovation, offering consumers a pathway to enhanced health and vitality. Shumi’s commitment extends beyond wellness, fostering a deep connection with the environment through sustainable practices and ethical sourcing from Finland’s unspoiled forests.




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The objective of this project was to position Shumi as a unique and high-end brand in the rapidly expanding mushroom wellness market. Our aim was to establish Shumi not merely as another contender but as the pinnacle and benchmark for the industry. This involved creating a brand identity that embodies sophistication and excellence, ensuring Shumi stands out as a leader in quality and innovation amidst a landscape often cluttered with subpar products and claims.


The design solution for Shumi expertly crafts a brand identity that is both delicate and refined, embodying the pure essence and potent efficacy of its functional mushroom extracts. Central to Shumi’s visual language is its logotype — minimalistic yet sophisticated, with delicate and curved forms in the typeface that echo the natural shapes of the fungi world, symbolising the brand’s commitment to purity and quality. The packaging design aligns closely with this ethos, featuring clean lines, a pared-back neutral color palette, and an uncluttered aesthetic. This minimalist approach not only highlights the intrinsic purity of the ingredients but also distinguishes Shumi in a market where complex and busy branding is common, emphasising transparency and purity.
Product imagery complements this narrative through sophisticated still life photography that underscores the premium quality and natural origins of the extracts. Controlled lighting and thoughtful compositions showcase the raw textures of the mushrooms contrasted against the sleek, modern dropper bottles, conveying a sense of purity and refinement. This visual strategy elevates Shumi’s products from mere wellness tools to artful objects of desire, effectively appealing to a discerning market segment.
Overall, Shumi’s cohesive brand identity and imagery align to present the products as embodiments of purity, efficacy, and thoughtful design. The brand’s commitment to an aesthetic of minimalism and elegance sets it apart, establishing Shumi as a benchmark in the wellness industry for both quality and design.

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