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Memorieslab is an acclaimed creative company that offers photography, print production, and art retail solutions for global premium-level consumers. Memorieslab Darkroom is the world’s first online monochrome printmaking service dedicated to the traditional artisan process by transferring the digital files into the hand-crafted prints. Using techniques passed through generations from the golden age of photography, each print is produced with the highest standards of quality and care.


Shanghai, China


Creative Direction
Art Direction


The objective was to create a brand movie that will show the capabilities of the company to transfer the modern digital image into a timeless printed piece by using traditional darkroom processes, and to depict in detail the dedication and the craftsmanship spirit of Memorieslab.


We decided to focus on two different characters to tell a story of Memorieslab – a fashion photographer in New York, and a darkroom print master. By simultaneously changing the scenery and playing in between two different dimensions, we created two stories that show the craftsmanship of Memorieslab: love and passion towards photography and detailed process of printmaking that contains utmost dedication and precision. We showed that an extra drop of ink may change everything.

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